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2018 - Robot X

The 2018 FRC competition, FIRST POWER UP, was an arcade game inspired challenge.  The central objective of the game was to put power cubes onto a large balancing scale in order to tip the scales and gain ownership.  These power cubes could also be traded for power ups which gave teams temporary advantages in the game play. 

GetImage (2).jpeg

Our Pit at the competition

The Power Ups: 

There are three power ups available; Levitate, Boost and Force.  The Levitate bonus adds an additional climbing robot us to a limit of three robots.  The Force bonus gives an alliance ownership of the scale for 10 seconds.  The boost bonus doubles any points earned by an alliance in a 10 second period.  


The Balancing Scale: 

The balancing scale is located in the center of the field, oriented so that the scale arm is parallel to the alliance walls. The scale features an arm, rungs, plates, outriggers, platforms, and towers. All frame surfaces are covered in polycarbonate panels.  Each scale features two plates which are 91cm wide and 122cm deep. The outside edges of the two plates are 457 cm apart. Each plate has four polycarbonate walls which contain Philips Color Kinetics LED lights. The wall closest to the center of the field extends 1 38 cm above the plate surface. The other walls extend up 9 cm above the plate surface. 

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