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Lessons Learned

1.  Read the rules!!!

Not reading the rules entirely and diligently was the biggest mistake we've made - wasting lots of our time in the pits.


2.  Engage with other teams

This allows us to learn about their robot, the challenges they’ve faced and how they handled them. Also by talking to other teams we may form friendships that will benefit us during alliance selection.



3.  Don’t treat it like a sport

It’s an experience where we get to learn and have fun. The awards are there to give people the confidence to come back and try again next year.



4.  A sturdy, compact and mobile robot is needed. 

A robot that cannot handle contact with other robots will not last the entire game without breaking; we have actually used the sturdiness of our robots in competition to gain a boost by being rammed by other robots.  Also, a robot that cannot move around the field in a fast and accurate manner will be disadvantaged.



5.  Design with the end in mind

Selection process for the finals is an important point of consideration for the design stage. Designs that can complete simple tasks, even with perfect accuracy, should not be the goal for rookie teams because the better teams are looking for teammates that can complete the tasks their robots cannot. Therefore, creating a robot that can tackle the hardest tasks is wiser - leading to a much greater chance of selection for the final rounds of competition.


6.  Robot ground clearance is important.

Clearance using the small wheels from the robot pack is not ideal for most challenges. We found our robots has grounded many times from having small wheels.


7.  Working as part of a team

Through participating in FRC this year, I have learnt how to work effectively as part of a team and how to communicate well with others. I have also learned the importance of planning time wisely to ensure that everything is completed on time.


8.  FRC is a great experience

FRC is a great experience that gives you the chance to work with a team to build an amazing robot and then compete with it against other teams and robots


9. A good challenge can also be fun

Although FRC is a bit of a challenge sometimes, in the end, it is heaps of fun and exciting to see what the final result is.

Student Quotes

To teammates

"I don't know why it's working... just don't touch it."

To ourselves

"It'll be right..."

*Unconvincing looks from the team*

To Max


- Everyone with food

To the judges:

“It used to do that, but…”

To the team

"Let's try it out!" 

Promptly followed by previous quote.

To pretty much every other team

"We broke three pieces of the arena in four matches... That's impressive"

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