2016 - Exodus One

Exodus One was the second robot created by Grace Lutheran College students and was entered into the Australian Regional competition in March 2016. At the competition, the team placed 27th out of over 40 teams which is very good for a rookie team. Exodus was designed to pick up a ball which was around the size of the soccer ball. When it had a ball collected, it should be able to traverse obstacles and shoot the ball into a goal. For one obstable the robot had to be under 40cm tall and this had a major effect on the design of the robot.

Our Robots

2015 - Genesis One

Genesis One was the first FRC robot to be created by Grace Lutheran College students. Genesis only ever entered one competition, the Duel Down Under. DDU is a friendship tournament hosted post-season so teams have a chance to use their robots again after the official season is over. The task that Genesis was designed to do was to load shipping totes onto itself and stack them as high as possible before off-loading them into a designated area.

2017 - Project Ezra

Project Ezra (often referred to by students as 'Jeff') is the third FRC robot created by Grace Lutheran College and the first robot since the team was renamed to the QLA Pineapples. Ezra features include a ball hopper, a gear bucket and a winch which was co-developed by St. Peters Lutheran College, introducing them to FRC level manufacturing.