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FIRST(R) FRC Robotics and the 6063 Pineapples

2017 Season University Mentor Information

What is FIRST® Robotics Competition?

The FIRST® Robotics Competition is the flagship competition of FIRST. A large-scale robotics competition, FIRST® Robotics Competition brings together students and mentors to build robots that perform in a competitive but gracious environment against teams from all over the world.

For more information FRC 

What is FIRST® FRC Steamwork Challenge?

Unite Your Crew.
Ready Your Contraption.
Prepare to take flight!

FIRST® STEAMWORKS the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition game, invites two adventure clubs from an era in which technology relied on steam power to prepare their airships for the ultimate long distance race.

Read more about the Challenge here

Who are the 6063 Pineapples?

Based at Grace Lutheran College on the Redcliffe Peninsular on Brisbane's Northside the 6063 Pineapples has consisted primarily of students from Grace Lutheran College.  The 6063 Pineapples will branch out to include students from our Lutheran partner school St Peter's Lutheran College Indoorpooilli for the 2017 season - making the 6063 Pineapples part of a larger FRC Queensland Lutheran Alliance.

NB: You can use QR City Train to get to Grace Lutheran College via the Redcliffe Peninsular Line - Rothwell Station.  The College is a 10min walk from Rothwell station.

Where are we up to and what are the plans for the robot this year?

As at 25 Jan 2017 we have a fully driving robot with all electronics mounted.  We have fitted the all important bumpers and the frame that will hold the mechanical components.  We are in the process

of designing 3 different mechanical elements to perform the following.

The three task that we are attempting to master are as follows:

1. Collect a gear from the side of the field and deposit it on a center hook for collection.

See the animation of this here and here

2. Collect balls from a hopper and deposit in the low goal.

See the animation of this here

3. Use a winch to lift the robot at the end of the game

See the animation of this here

Once these are complete we will see if we have time for any more tasks.  All building must be complete by 22 February 2017.

When and where is the Asia Pacific competition?

The Asia Pacific event is at Olympic Park in Sydney from 16 to 18 March 2017 

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